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better bikinis

better bikinis

Better Bikinis –

Are you not tired of cheap throw-away bikinis that become useless after one or two uses? 

We were, and that’s why many years ago and still to this day, continue to create bikinis that are made with high-quality fabrics, natural-soft lining, double stitching and ultra soft thread. To top things off our bikinis are not only durable and long-lasting but our bikinis are sexy and adorable! They are also manufactured in the USA under ethical conditions. 

The Fashion Industry Is Broken In Many Ways

There is no comparison between a Nvr Strings Bikini and a cheap $30 bikini set from, Zaful, HM, Forever 21, or some other cheap fast-fashion brand. Just name one, there are countless of them.

The fashion industry is broken in many ways. Poor working conditions and the exploitation of human beings are just one example. But let’s talk about something that affects you as the buyer directly.

If you put it into perspective it actually becomes more expensive to buy cheap bikinis in the long run as you need to keep buying them season after season. Correct me if I am wrong. But from my experience, I don’t believe I have a single piece of clothing from any fast fashion brand that has lasted over 1 year. And I am pretty sure you’d agree with my experience.

Let me explain: In order to be able to sell a bikini at a $30 price point a lot of corners need to be cut. This is regardless of “economies of scale” or not.

Workers are paid almost nothing, and at the same time, they need to finish a bikini every 3 minutes. That’s not enough motivation or time for good sewing and quality control. Add a 12-hour shift, cheap fabrics made from virgin plastics on top of that and you have the optimal conditions for a completely rubbish piece of swimwear. 

Isn’t it better to buy a bikini that will last?

New Way Of Doing Things

We at Nvr Strings Bikinis don’t think that the way fast fashion brands have set the standard for swimwear production is right for the customers. It’s also not right for the people involved who make the bikinis. 

That’s why we manufacture our own bikinis in the USA and follow an ethical working standard. It’s necessary to have the right conditions to be able to produce a high quality long lasting bikini. All our current swimwear collections are hand made in San Diego California.

By providing excellent conditions for the sewing of our swimwear, careful, and thoughtful quality control, and use of some of the best fabrics available in the market we can ensure that a Nvr Strings Bikini will be worn for many summers to come.

So next time you’re buying that low-cost bikini, remember that you are subscribing to and accepting poor labor laws and the exploitation of human beings. Sorry to sound harsh. But that’s the reality. Not to mention that you most likely are going to need to replace the bikinis due to low-quality fabrics and careless quality control.

When you buy from Nvr Strings Bikinis you’re not only getting better quality and more for your money, but you’re also supporting humane working conditions. Plus, you won’t have to compromise between style and feeling absolutely amazing and sexy in our bikinis. You deserve it!

Above: Model wearing a Olive Vicuña Bikini Bottom and a Gold Triangle Top