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natural swimwear cleaner

natural swimwear cleaner

natural swimwear cleaner –

Summer can be rough on your Cheeky Bikinis, Micro Bikinis, Thong Bikinis and Brazilian Bikinis. Between the sunscreen, saltwater, sand, chlorinated pool, and mysterious lake water, the wear and tear on your bikini can make you cringe! To keep your suit looking bright and fresh while removing odors and getting rid of chemicals, make this natural swimsuit cleaner ASAP.

First thing’s first. Always, always wash your swimsuit immediately after wearing, even if you don’t get wet.

Body oils, lotions, sunscreens, chlorine, and salt water easily work their way into swimsuits. “The longer these elements soak into the fabric the more damage they do to colorfastness, stretch and recovery.”

Tossing your bikinis into the washing machine doesn’t do the trick either. Nvr Strings Bikinis® notes that the agitation from the washing machine is rough on straps, fibers, fabric, and other pieces. Instead, hand washing proves an effective and easy way to keep your suit clean.

DIY Natural Swimsuit Cleaner

This easy natural swimsuit cleaner is made with vinegar, not soap. Along with being antiviral and antimicrobial, white vinegar is a natural and effective odor and stain remover. Vinegar also helps to keep trendy swimsuit colors bright and fade-free.

Soap and Detergents on the other hand, contains a wide variety of chemicals and fragrances linked to endocrine dysfunction, asthma, and a plethora or other health issues.

To make this DIY natural swimsuit cleaner, fill a sink with cold water and add a quarter cup of white vinegar. Let the swimsuit soak for thirty minutes (do not mix colors).

After soaking, rinse suit with cool water and use hands to gently squeeze out the excess vinegar and water solution. Do not wring or twist the swimsuit to prevent stretching and fading. Dry flat away from direct sun or heat.

*Please note – Rarely on occasion fabric colors will bleed so we recommend a cold water prewash of all Nvr Strings Bikinis®

Above: Model Jessica Colorado holds Black Piqué Vixen Tie Side Micro Bikini


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find your bikini colour

find your bikini colour

find your bikini colour

Temperatures are heating up in the Southern Hemisphere which means summer is just around the corner for our friends in many countries like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand! To mark the occasion, Australians, South Africans and Kiwis have so many ways to spend weekends to get into the summer spirit. There’s surfing, music festivals, boating, BBQs, pool openings and bonfires to name a few. According to most travel and leisure authorities most weekend celebrations will require a bikini!

With plenty of activities planned around the pool, at the beach, or on a boat, we know you need to find your bikini colour – you want to look on trend and feel festive. Follow these simple tips to help you rock out in Red, dazzle in White, be memorable in Blue, or classically sexy in Black.

Be Confident. Red Commands Attention!

A Red swimsuit commands the spotlight and we love it when women arrive in this power colour. There used to be a lot of hesitation to get dressed completely in Red, but with so many tones and styles to choose from, there’s a Red bikini for everyone. Remember, your Red swimsuit is palette to show of beautiful hardware. Simple shirring details in Red fabric also helps to compliment all body types because of its effortless slimming effect.

It’s finally okay to wear White

Since a memorable summer is about to come, it also marks the unofficial green light to pull out all the stops in your finest White attire – and that includes swimwear! Don’t wait until the end of summer to showcase that gorgeous White bikiniWhite swimwear is in right now. Some women often fear that a White bathing suit will become too sheer when wet although semi – sheer and sheer are now the craze. All skin tones will appear brighter against White, in addition to being universally flattering for all body types. Choose a silhouette that’s right for your body, as opposed to a colour. White can be just as slimming as tried-and-true Black.


Blue compliments most skin tones, shapes, and sizes. Relax at your gathering knowing that no matter who is taking the picture, you’re bound to look good in Blue. The darker the Blue, the more flattering. Have fun with accessories in this universal color. Sunglasses, hats, sandals, and cover-ups are all fair game to pair with this colour. Many stylists agree – especially for women with lighter hair, Dark Blue can be even more complimentary than Black.

Stay Classy (and sexy) in Black

What is the most versatile colour you can wear? Your year-round staple: Black. Since Black is the most forgiving colour, Black bikinis allow women more freedom to experiment with trending and different cuts. You can be daring in Black and still feel confident as you make your summer debut.

So be brave and empowered – have fun experimenting this summer with every bikini colour in all styles!

Above: Aussie model Brittany in a Black Seamless Vallée High Cut Thong Bikini

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get high with bikinis

high bikinis

Get high with bikinis –

There are a few things I do every time I lie by the pool or go to the beach (after vigorously applying sunscreen): scrunch up my bikini bottoms (unless I’m wearing my thong or micro bikini) to minimize tan lines, grip said bikini bottoms with both hands when exiting bodies of water (such as the pool and ocean) to prevent slippage, and take Instagram photos from very low angles so as to make my legs look as long as possible. While there seems to be little that can be done about the slightly reddish hue my skin takes on despite the copious amount of SPF I apply, this season’s most popular bikini trend solves all the remaining warm-weather challenges I’ve encountered.

Although we have offered high cut bikinis for years, super high cut bikinis are back from the ’80s, and they’re here to fit comfortably and accentuate your legs. This super-high-rise, above-the-hip look tightly hugs your body for a comfortable fit and suits every body type. From one-pieces to bikinis, the high-leg cut is dominating beaches from Tulum to Mykonos.

The great thing about this high cut style is its hyper-flattering properties — you don’t have to be a Claudia Schiffer reincarnate in order for this suit to give your legs the appearance of being several miles long. Because it’s such a universally flattering style, we decided it was time to develop our own unique design to this already hot trend.

By the late summer in California and just in time for our friends in Australia and New Zealand, we will be releasing a super high cut, comfortable and unique design that will not only accentuate you legs, but will make your derriere look absolutely delicious – Vqüa!

Above: Model in a Sydney Seamless Vallée Thong – one of our many High Cut Styles


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summer bikini body bs

summer bikini body bs

Summer bikini body bs –

I freaking love summer. I wait all year to finally turn my heater off, feel the sun on my skin, be a little more wild and move a little slower.

Then…I am bombarded with all the messaging. You know what I am talking about..

“Time to get in shape, it’s summer!” “Working on that summer body!” “Feeling bikini body ready!” “Can’t wait! Have 400 trips planned which means I will be having waaaaay more fun than you!”

LAME. Lame. Lame. 

Having been through many summers myself, a few of which I have fussed and fought and tortured myself into having the desirable body that society tells us is acceptable, I’ve had plenty of practice learning how to move through the summer season with grace not guilt, acceptance not resistance, love not hate.

Here are a few of my secrets to surviving the summer body bullshit:

If you have a body, which I am pretty sure you do, you’re in luck! You get to wear whatever the fuck you want!!

Wear what you feel comfortable in, not what is trendy or ‘acceptable for your size.’ Have a cute bathing suit you’ve been dying to wear but aren’t sure how people will look at you? FUCK. THAT. Where the damn bathing suit.

Unfollow the people on social media who make you feel insecure or not good enough.

It’s nothing personal, but I’ve done this on many occasions. I started realizing that every time I saw certain woman’s accounts, I started feeling really crappy about my body, my life and where I was. Unfollowing them has been one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself. It’s not mean, it’s self care.

Avoid body shame talk like the Plague – especially around the pool, beach, while on vacation or any other vulnerable place.

Don’t ruin your good time by talking about how fat you feel or how much weight you still need to lose or how bloated you are. Have an open convo with your girlfriends letting them know this is something you are working on, and encourage each other to be sensitive, welcoming and loving with how you talk to yourself and others.

Be a positive example and leader.

I can almost guarantee you that there are women out there who are dying to feel comfortable in their imperfect body. Be that leader for them. By being the authentic and imperfect you, you give others permission to do the same. Welcome your humanity!!

Start feeling confident, beautiful and sexy NOW.

Let’s get one thing straight: sexy is a mindset.

Have you ever seen someone a little unconventional, a little rough around the edges, not your ‘traditional beauty’ and thought, ‘hmmm there is something really fucking sexy about that guy/gal’? Well let me tell you – it’s the way they carry themselves. It has little to do with what they look like and more about the way they FEEL about themselves.

So have an amazing summer and start practicing feeling sexy NOW.

Above: Customer in a Vojavé Tie Side Thong

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where to wear a micro bikini

Where to wear a micro bikini

Where to wear a micro bikini?

This summer, it’s all about our Vanish and Vixen micro bikini swimsuits. If you’re on Instagram or other forms of social media, you’ve undoubtedly come across images of models dressed in scantily clad swimwear. Thanks to the female empowerment movement, many women are deciding to wear less and less material as a nod to their self-esteem.

While the micro bikini fashion movement is gaining in popularity, the places to wear them have remained somewhat limited. Many public beaches and public locations are family-friendly and require an extra level of sensitivity so you’re not breaking any public indecency laws. As the experts in micro bikinis, we consistently get questions such as “where can I wear micro bikinis?” and “is it wrong that I wear a micro bikini to a public beach?” Therefore, we created a list of the right places to wear your Vanish or Vixen micro bikini regardless of where you live!

Micro swimwear is popping up everywhere you turn. However, not all micro bikinis are the same and should not be treated the same at every venue. Micro bikinis are the umbrella term to numerous other styles that include (but not limited to): thongs, g strings, monokini, and sheer.

To consider the appropriate venue for the suit, we have to consider the style of bottoms.

Thongs can be distinguished by the triangle shaped fabric that forms just at the top of the buttocks. The bottom of the triangle stretches out to the middle of the butt cheeks. G-strings, on the other hand, have a T-shaped string that goes down between the buttocks. In this sense, g-strings are more revealing as compared to the thong.

Micro bikinis refer to both the top and bottoms and are typically sold as a set. A micro bikini encompasses coverage on both the top and the bottom (which is often in g-string form). Fabric wide enough to cover the nipples and crotch, these bikinis just barely pass the muster for public decency laws. Due to their minimal coverage, these bikinis come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs to match the bold personality of the wearer. Don’t be surprised to see this bikini in a sheer fabric.

If you’re convinced that a micro bikini is right for you, then let’s jump right in to the appropriate places to wear one:

Private Beaches – Exclusive resorts and islands where smaller crowds reside are more permissive in bare-it-all bikinis. Tropical destinations such as Barbados, Hawaii and the Caribbean tout privacy as a selling point. Where public beaches are surrounded with kids and families, private beaches at resorts are designed for women and couples to freely dress as they wish.

Public Beaches – Destinations which have been tagged “nudist-friendly” and “clothing optional” will definitely allow you to wear your micro bikinis. This is the safest option because if you go in your birthday suit, then you can undoubtedly wear a barely-there swimsuit. There are a lot of beaches in the US and Canada that are progressive when it comes to liberated dress codes. South Beach is no stranger to the micro bikini so if you plan to head out to a no-dress-code resort in the area, by all means, go for the sexiest bikini you own!

Romantic Vacation – A lover’s staycation is also the best time to pack your micro bikini. Celebrate your anniversary in a hotel Jacuzzi or a swanky indoor room pool like those in Bali, Indonesia. Many people wear micro bikinis for the eroticism. Sheer materials that leave nothing to the imagination are a must-have for romantic hot tubs. Feel free to go slinky on a far-flung destination with your S.O. even if you are just a budding microkini aficionado. What are the odds that you will bump into someone you know in an exclusive resort in Mexico? Slim!

 Adult Resorts – A lot of people are oblivious to the fact that there are adult-only resorts all over the world. You will be free to roam around in your bikini without fear the dirty stares of a mom with her toddler. Just make sure to lug around a cover-up when you roam around the resort in case certain areas impose a different dress-code.

Backyard Pool – The comfort of your own home is one place you can (literally and figuratively) dip your toe in the water. It is the most comforting and secure location when you are just starting out your micro bikini journey. Because it is considered private property, no one can hold your itty bitty bikini against you. Just make sure there are no kids around! Otherwise, soak in the sun and get that tan on your own backyard.

The trick to knowing whether it is appropriate to wear the biggest – and smallest – bikini trend to your vacation is to RESEARCH. It will be worth the extra effort if it saves you the worry and the trouble when you get to your destination. A bit of investigation and proper discretion are just small prices to pay to be able to respect and abide by the rules. Taking the location into great consideration will save you from breaking any laws. In any way, you will always find other measures to keep sexy without going against standards.

If in doubt or if time-constrained, do as the Romans do! Pack more than one bikini option. Observe what the crowd is wearing and be on the lookout for some signs so you will know which bikini is best for the situation and setting. Use your discretion and you’ll be just fine!

Above: Model in a Neon Yellow Vanish Micro Bikini

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bikini style guide

bikini style guide

Bikini style guide!

Ever since the invention of the bikini, the popular swimsuit design has undergone many variations of styles that continually get smaller and smaller. With many names floating around on the internet, the terminology can be a little confusing such as: Brazilian, mono, micro, tie-side, thong, g-string, high cut and the list continues… It’s our goal to increase your vocabulary and knowledge to convert you into what we think is truly liberating!

Brazilian Cut or “Cheeky”– Hence the name “cheeky”, this bikini has a deeper cut up the back-side that cuts up the cheeks. This is unlike full-coverage bikini bottoms that sit underneath the cheeks. Brazilian cut bikinis offer butt coverage without the “diaper” effect that you get with most full-coverage bikinis. Full-coverage bikinis tend to make women look wider, but the Brazilian cut is flattering to the hips and butt by training the eye to associate lesser fabric with a narrower profile – Our Brazilian is the Vaeliña!

High Cut Bikini – Creating a look that you would see on the cover of Sports Illustrated 1990, this bikini style is back and sexier than ever. The high cut refers to the cut of the bottoms that feature a deep V in front and side straps that sit above the waist. The V cut creates an alluring look that trims the waistline and accentuates the hips. What makes this style better than its 1990 predecessor is the back, the high cut bikini back is tight and narrow creating an ‘almost’ thong design without completely going between the cheeks. This is a hot seller for women of all shapes and sizes – Our High Cut Bikini is the Vidora!

Thong Bikini – As the name suggests, the thong bikini has 30%-50% less fabric than the Brazilian cut bikini and mirrors the cut of thong lingerie. The thong bikini has modest coverage in the front and either ties or connects to the fabric in the back. The thong bikini disappears through the cheeks and appears at the lower back with a small triangle or 1” fabric. For those who are looking to advance from the Brazilian into something more daring, this is certainly your next best option. The thong bikini is quickly gaining popularity among bikini lovers worldwide as the perfect combination of innocent and sexy – Our Thong Bikini is the Vamp!

Micro Bikini – For those living in South Beach, this bikini will come as no shock; however, the average reader may not be as familiar with the differences in the micro. By far the sexiest bikini, the largest difference between the thong bikini and the micro bikini is the size of fabric on both the top and the bottoms. The micro encompasses both areas, whereas the thong bikini only refers to the bottoms. Starting with the top, this teeny bikini has minimal breast coverage. Micro bikini tops are typically made with a single layer of fabric (no padded cups here, ladies) and 30% less coverage than standard bikini tops. Additionally, the bottoms are typically a g string micro style. The bottoms are more narrow on the sides and cover about 1”-1.5” above the woman’s pelvic bone. In the rear, the straps are almost non-existent with a simple ‘T’ shape connecting the sides with the bottom string – Our Micro Bikini is the Vanish or Vixen!

Monokini – The Monokini comes in lots of different shapes and styles. Over the years, it’s evolved from the original topless style to something more practical and versatile. These days, it’s somewhere between a bikini and a regular swimsuit, connecting the top and bottom parts of a bikini but showing more skin than a one-piece suit. That’s why they’re great for women who don’t want to let it all hang out in a bikini but still want to make a striking fashion statement. We have designed our Monokini with a Thong back – Our Monokini is the Viu!

So in addition to the size of the fabric, micro bikinis tend to feature g string bikini styles and sheer fabric. If you’re looking for sheer micro g string bikinis then be sure to read the product descriptions and title of the product that will indicate the style.

Society is growing in acceptance to less fabric. Although don’t be surprised to find a few moms shielding their kids’ eyes and telling you to cover up.

Above: Model wearing our Pearl form fitting one piece Thong Monokini

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thong bikinis self isolation

thong bikinis self isolation

Thong Bikinis Self Isolation!

It seems as if I have heard the word “Coronavirus” more times than I’ve heard my own name been said to me throughout my whole lifetime. This is a serious time, where we as individuals must look after our health in every aspect. Of course, there are the obvious precautions that have been drilled into our heads, but what is also extremely important is your mental & physical health!

Here are some suggestions…

Stick to a routine

If you are anything like me, then structure is extremely important, do not let this shelter-in-place let your home life become complete Anarchy. Wake up at a reasonable hour, maintain your morning skincare routine, enjoy some coffee, be productive in your own way! Make up a routine suiting your “new” life that is healthy.

Stay active

Clear out a tiny area in your living space and finish an online workout class, your body and your mind will thank you. Us NVR bikini girls always focus on our booties and luckily you do not need any equipment to SQUAT, SQUAT & SQUAT SOME MORE! If you are able to, go outside for a brisk walk and get some fresh air.

Eating balanced

While everyone is frantically stockpiling toilet paper, rice and pasta- opt for fresh produce, meats & fish. If you are worried about grocery shopping frequently, buy plenty and simply freeze items for later use. With no outside temptations, I believe it is so much easier to eat balanced while cooking at home. Listen to your body though, if it is telling you to eat that chocolate or drink that glass of wine, you enjoy it!


If you have a front-yard, backyard, balcony, or even a little patch of sun in your living room peeking through your window grab your swimsuit and bask! My current favorite is the Vallée cut, and guess what they are on sale! (you’re welcome in advance) Another style that I adore is the Vidora. It makes you feel like a timeless woman and gives you that higher cut tan-line reminiscent of the 80’s. Last but not least, Vduri, which I actually bought in every color, gives you the versatile scrunching option to be a complete minimal lady or a little more on the modest side. In no time we will rejoice in the ocean in our NVR bikinis, and what a beautiful day it will be!

Above: Model wearing a Ocean Blue Vidora Thong Bikini

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underboob bikini tops

underboob bikini tops

Underboob Bikini Tops?!

Forget the thigh gap, the thighbrow, the side boob — right now, it’s all about the underboob, the crease right below your breast. Yes, it’s risqué – but whether you’re large-breasted or part of the itty-bitty committee, everyone can participate in this trend, unlike the infamous thigh gap.

So – what to do with this trend in the autumn? Cozy it up at home with a pair of leggings and an open flannel, or try it out in the streets in an ultra-cropped, long-sleeve top and high-rise jeans.

We’re not sure what triggered this trend, but this is nothing new to us and our faithful bikini lovers. We have been designing our tops, “tri-tops” for exactly this – and for many years now. Our tri-top is an even sided top that allows you to slide the top up exposing the desired amount of underboob, while keeping an sexy symmetrical shape to the fabric. In reality, you probably first caught a glimpse of this trend last year.

But if you don’t believe this look is catching on, just take a peek at social media and “celebrities”.

The less clothing the better. Let people flaunt whatever it is they got. Everyone’s too uptight about what everyone else looks like nowadays.

If you’re not on board with this fun and sexy trend, that’s totally okay. It requires a whole lot of guts and being comfortable with basically no bra at all … and perhaps the occasional nip-slip.

Above: Elise wearing our VoiléBrazilian Thong Bikini in White

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valentine’s day self love

valentine's day self love

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we all know it’s the day to celebrate love, and that doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship or have that special someone! I think it’s important to take time to show some Valentine’s Day Self Love.

And luckily, we have Valentine’s Day to remind us to do that! So whether you’re single, dating, engaged, or married, take a little time to love yourself with one of these eleven ideas!

Take a long, hot bath

Grab your favorite book, lock the bathroom door, drop in a bath bomb, and relax. Leave your phone behind so no one can bother you and enjoy yourself until your fingers get wrinkly.

Get a pedicure

Take yourself on a date to the salon and splurge on shellac or a mani-pedi combo. Lay back with your guilty-pleasure magazine and let yourself unwind.

Send yourself flowers or balloons

Who says you have to wait for a lover to send you something pretty? Pick up a bouquet of flowers at your local farmers market or track down some cute balloons and have your own little photo shoot in a Nvr Strings Bikini!

Let loose and dance

Turn up the music and dance your heart out! Let yourself go all out like you never have before. You’ll have a huge smile and a fast heartbeat before you know it!

Write down everything you’re good at

Make a list of all the skills you have, and don’t be humble. Remember that you have valuable talents that no one else has. Then, go out and do one of those things!

Try something new

You know that thing you’ve been wanting to try for a while, but haven’t made the time? Go do it! It might be a new restaurant, a new sport, painting, cooking – whatever it is, make the time and try it out!

Make exercise fun

There’s no better way to love yourself than by taking care of your body, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out for a long, painful run. Go to a dance class, paddle out and go surfing, or create an obstacle course.

Write in your journal

Dig out your dusty leather bound notebook and pour out your feelings, good and bad. Or find one of your old journals from childhood and read it without judging your old self. After all, that’s how you became who you are today.

Go to a yoga class

Spend some time in your nearest yoga studio, even if you don’t think you’re as good at the poses as everyone else in the class. Let yourself slip into meditation and connect with your body.

Dress up

Pull out your favorite dress that you usually save for special occasions, do your hair, and go out somewhere fun. Have dinner with your mom or girlfriends.

Forgive yourself

Remember that thing you did a long time ago that you still beat yourself up about? Let it go. Everyone else already has.

I can’t wait to see what you decide to do on Valentine’s Day! At Nvr Strings Bikinis, we are passionate about helping you feel confident, sexy and beautiful.

Above: Amanda wearing a Red Vixen Tie Side Micro Bikini

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new bikini colors and styles

new bikinis 2020

Here comes another amazing new year so whether you’re soaking up rays on the beach, cooling off poolside, or taking a quick trip to your favorite lake or river, you’ll find everything you need (and want) in our sexy and minimal in coverage 2020 bikini collection – yay new bikini designs and colors!!

If waking up with the warm ocean breeze, slip into your Nvr Strings Bikinis and get your tanning, surf, beach yoga or other fun activities on. If you’re feeling the Namaste, and have now worked up a healthy appetite try our very new high cut/high waisted cheeky Vaeliña design. Or how about a quick shower, and a quick change into our new high cut Vidora seamless cheeky thong bikini and then off to find the perfect for waves.

But if you’re simply ready for some pure relaxation in the sun, find your paradise and try our new sexy and minimal in coverage high cut thong Vduri . This new design is fully adjustable in the front and back for whatever size you desire – all of our new bikini designs and colors radiate pure gorgeousness, but don’t forget your sunscreen and water bottle – hydration is key!

Oh and let’s not forget about a seaside lunch or a dinner at sunset in a sexy and comfortable one piece! Simply slip into our new Viu monokini one-piece thong and enjoy a beautiful meal and take in the amazing sights as you spend some quality time with friends or that special person in your life!

So ladies no matter where in this fun filled beautiful world the sun, or the sunsets take you, Nvr Strings Bikinis has you “barely” covered.

Above: Marissa wearing a Champagne Vaeliña High Cut Thong Bikini