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bikini review

surferelle approved

Bikini review –

Nvr Strings Bikinis just received an amazing review from professional surfer Elle Sampiere on Surferelle Approved. Every month Surferelle Approved reviews several products. Surferelle Approved reviews anything associated with women’s surfing such as bikinis, wetsuits, sun glasses, workout apparel, beauty, fashion etc. Elle Sampiere travels the world surfing so you may see her pop up in your favorite small town reviewing your favorite start up or small company like ours.

We sent Elle a few Nvr Strings Bikinis about a month ago. Unfortunately the majority of girls/influencers that contact us for free bikinis to review flake. But Elle of Surferelle Approved exceeded our expectations – she did a fair and honest review and gave us some great input!

Also all of the products she receives gets donated to charities or to young women surfers just starting out! That’s very cool to us!

So please check out Surferelle Approved and their social media for Elle Sampiere’s detailed review of Nvr Strings
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better bikinis

better bikinis

Better Bikinis –

Are you not tired of cheap throw-away bikinis that become useless after one or two uses? 

We were, and that’s why many years ago and still to this day, continue to create bikinis that are made with high-quality fabrics, natural-soft lining, double stitching and ultra soft thread. To top things off our bikinis are not only durable and long-lasting but our bikinis are sexy and adorable! They are also manufactured in the USA under ethical conditions. 

The Fashion Industry Is Broken In Many Ways

There is no comparison between a Nvr Strings Bikini and a cheap $30 bikini set from, Zaful, HM, Forever 21, or some other cheap fast-fashion brand. Just name one, there are countless of them.

The fashion industry is broken in many ways. Poor working conditions and the exploitation of human beings are just one example. But let’s talk about something that affects you as the buyer directly.

If you put it into perspective it actually becomes more expensive to buy cheap bikinis in the long run as you need to keep buying them season after season. Correct me if I am wrong. But from my experience, I don’t believe I have a single piece of clothing from any fast fashion brand that has lasted over 1 year. And I am pretty sure you’d agree with my experience.

Let me explain: In order to be able to sell a bikini at a $30 price point a lot of corners need to be cut. This is regardless of “economies of scale” or not.

Workers are paid almost nothing, and at the same time, they need to finish a bikini every 3 minutes. That’s not enough motivation or time for good sewing and quality control. Add a 12-hour shift, cheap fabrics made from virgin plastics on top of that and you have the optimal conditions for a completely rubbish piece of swimwear. 

Isn’t it better to buy a bikini that will last?

New Way Of Doing Things

We at Nvr Strings Bikinis don’t think that the way fast fashion brands have set the standard for swimwear production is right for the customers. It’s also not right for the people involved who make the bikinis. 

That’s why we manufacture our own bikinis in the USA and follow an ethical working standard. It’s necessary to have the right conditions to be able to produce a high quality long lasting bikini. All our current swimwear collections are hand made in San Diego California.

By providing excellent conditions for the sewing of our swimwear, careful, and thoughtful quality control, and use of some of the best fabrics available in the market we can ensure that a Nvr Strings Bikini will be worn for many summers to come.

So next time you’re buying that low-cost bikini, remember that you are subscribing to and accepting poor labor laws and the exploitation of human beings. Sorry to sound harsh. But that’s the reality. Not to mention that you most likely are going to need to replace the bikinis due to low-quality fabrics and careless quality control.

When you buy from Nvr Strings Bikinis you’re not only getting better quality and more for your money, but you’re also supporting humane working conditions. Plus, you won’t have to compromise between style and feeling absolutely amazing and sexy in our bikinis. You deserve it!

Above: Model wearing a Olive Vicuña Bikini Bottom and a Gold Triangle Top

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sandy candy bikinis

sandy candy bikinis

Sandy Candy Bikinis –

Nvr Strings Bikinis has launched a new sister company – Sandy Candy Bikinis!

Sandy Candy Bikinis will only feature Micro Bikinis, Tie Side Micro Bikinis, Scrunch Micro Bikinis and Tie Side Scrunch Micro Bikinis. For now Nvr Strings Bikinis will continue to feature/offer all of the same Micro Bikini options – in fact when ordering from Nvr Strings Bikinis you may on occasion receive a bikini with a Sandy Candy Bikini label – this is part of the transition.

This will be a slow process, but within the next year or so you Micro Bikini lovers will have a huge selection of colors and some very unique Micro Bikini styles to choose from!

Thanks for everyone’s patience through this process, Your Nvr Strings Bikinis Team!

• Please take a look here:

• Be sure to follow us here on IG @sandycandybikinis

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social media separation

Social Media Separation

Social Media Separation –

Things that could happen if you quit social media…

Social media is riddled with contradictions. It can be fun but also infuriating. It can make you feel less alone, but also trigger feelings of isolation and inadequacy. And can we talk about the trolls?  If you’re spending a lot of time on social media, or on your phone in general, it can be hard to imagine life without it. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider taking a break from endless scrolling. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some things to expect when you take a break from social media.

When you don’t have to worry about your devices buzzing left and right, you could find your productivity levels shooting through the roof. Social media constantly interrupts us. When we stop ourselves to check social media, again and again, it really becomes another form of multitasking, and multitasking makes whatever you do take longer, and you do it in an inferior way. In fact, the American Psychological Association estimates that trying to juggle multiple tasks at once—such as clicking back and forth between social media and an important project—may reduce your productive time by as much as 40 percent. That’s a high price to pay for a few likes and comments.

If you find yourself stuck in a creative block, it might have something to do with your social media habits. The key to an imaginative mind is taking breaks every now and then while you work with something other than social media. Having that social media in the background and calling to you and asking you things interferes with your creativity. By giving up social media entirely, you rid yourself of these nagging notifications and allow your creativity to flourish.

While the effects of quitting social media are generally positive in the long run, your immediate reaction may be one of stress and anxiety. These feelings are caused by a neurological withdrawal from the sense of being constantly connected. If you’re using social media addictively, which some people are, you have elevated levels of dopamine, so when you stop doing that, there is some withdraw. Luckily, these feelings usually do not persist beyond the first few days of quitting social media, so you should be able to enjoy the positive effects soon enough.

Because social media has become so easy to access anywhere and at any time, we often feel compelled to pay attention 24/7 to what is taking place on our news feeds and timelines. This impulse to be constantly aware of what’s going on online leads to an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone. This heightened stress can bring along a whole slew of unfavorable effects on the brain, such as reduced memory and an increased chance of depression. Staying away from social media makes you less prone to such a high level of cortisol, leaving you calmer and more focused.

When you take a quick minute to check one notification on Instagram before bed, suddenly you realize you’ve been browsing, liking, and commenting long past your bedtime. Sound familiar? This has become a common habit for many people at night, often spending one to two hours scrolling through social media in bed. Think about it: If you’re doing that every day, that’s 15 hours a week you spend just doing social media! That’s not like going out to dinner with a friend, that’s just looking at somebody play with their new hamster and then commenting on it. When you quit social media, you free yourself of this extra priority – and buy yourself the powerful health boost of a good night’s rest. If you need a cool-down activity in the p.m., skip the screens and try something more relaxing and less time-consuming, like reading a book or planning tomorrow’s agenda.

Sure, social media can be an excellent way to stay in touch with old friends or family from out of town, but cutting ties with the Social Media can work wonders for your tangible friendships. Face-to-face interpersonal relationships are generally much stronger than those conducted solely online, and taking a breather from your social media accounts forces you to focus on these real-world interactions. Pulling back on social media and spending more time on face-to-face interactions really helps your relationships, and relationships are really one of the most important factors in well being and mental health.

Once you stop scrolling through other people’s opinions, you will likely find out more about what motivates you, not them. When people remove themselves from social media, they lose that temptation to garner attention and superficial feedback from other people by posting where they went to dinner or where they went on vacation. That need to be relevant in the eyes of others will lose its grip, leading to the discovery of one’s self.

Ditching social media may not only make you a nicer person, but it could also help you develop your emotional intelligence, a valuable skill in the workplace. But it does require that you, yes, interact with other human beings. When we’re on a computer screen for hours a day, then we’re removing the possibility of having face-to-face interaction and we’re reducing our emotional intelligence. Lifting your head from the screen and having real conversations can increase the quality of your relationships and help you develop this critical skill.

So next time you head to the beach or the pool, leave your phone behind – breathe and focus on happiness, sunshine, health and all the beauty that surrounds us!

Above: Model wearing a Gold Vamp Thong Bikini
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extreme micro bikinis

extreme micro bikinis

Extreme Micro Bikinis – 

Every year it seems like there is some must have piece of swimwear on the beach. Whether it’s Miami, Hawaii, California or the South of France, everyone seems to be wearing it. This year the beach wear that everyone is going gaga over is the Extreme Micro Bikini. This Micro Bikini is loved from sexy locals to the hottest celebrities. The name Extreme Micro Bikini says it all: it’s been around for years but for some people it’s a new kind of bikini. Perfect for those who love showing off their great beach bods. Our designer bikini’s come from Bailey, one of the hottest in-house designers in the world and our Micro Bikini designs have been featured in the pages of some of the world’s biggest magazines.

With this minimalist trend sweeping over the fashion world, it appears the less is more mentality has also made its way around the world. This season, it’s all about flaunting what you have in your tiny Micro Bikini. For that reason, we suggest our Vanish and Vixen Micro Bikinis. Our tiny Micro Bikinis will have you looking and feeling your sexy best this summer. Even if, for the time being, going to the beach means tanning from the comfort of your backyard. Customers and friends who have worn our Vanish and Vixen Micro Bikinis have nothing but positive words for it. While it may not cover much, it also has a wearer ultimate comfort. It is designed to fit snugly without feeling like it’s attached to you. That means that while you won’t have to worry about it falling off in the sand and the waves, you also won’t feel bound by it. Plus, with dozens of different colors, you can definitely find a Micro Bikini that perfectly fits what you are looking for. 

If you’re after something a little less revealing but still maintains that sexy look, you should try our Vduri Thong Bikini or Vicuña Cheeky Bikini, they are all the rage at the moment and can be easily purchased right here at www.nvrstrings com.

Above: Model wearing a Purple Check Vanish Micro Bikini

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friends and bikinis

friends bikinis blog

Friends and Bikinis

So you and your girls have a pretty extra summer planned. Maybe you’re renting a beach house for a long weekend, or you’re piling onto a plane to recharge and let loose someplace tropical. Either way, those precious few days and nights will likely involve Instagram-worthy hats and sunnies, old inside jokes, suntan lotion chased with aloe and a fair number of rum-based cocktails.

With you and your crew in mind, our Nvr Strings Bikinis blogger played personal shopper, pulling the best bikinis (and an unforgettable micro bikini) for everyone in the inner circle. Just match the squad member with her ideal Bikini and get packing.


Your ride-or-die BFF knows how to read your mood with a single emoji. She can always be counted on for an airport pick-up, a reliable second opinion and a good cathartic cry. She carries both Advil and Tylenol, because she knows girls need choices. She is no doubt the swimwear equivalent of a Vicuña.


Bless her, this friend doesn’t have a single mean bone in her body. She’s kind to animals, allergic to gossip, tips lavishly and has a laugh you would recognize a mile away. She’s basically a real-life fairy tale princess, and she dresses the part. So for this sweetie we like the Vojavé Scrunch Tie Side Thong.


You know who we mean—she can’t kick back in a lounge chair for more than fifteen minutes before she’s off joining a pick-up volleyball game, hiking a volcano or learning to stand-up paddle board. She rises with the sun to hit the hotel gym; her only tan line is from her Fitbit. This friend can rock any and all bikinis!


Though she lost her driver’s license in the ocean the day you arrived, you find her endlessly endearing. She is always fashionably late. She likes to keep things interesting, and she’s down for turning up on the dance floor and at the bar—just be sure to get her a wake-up call if you want to see her at brunch. This friend is definitely the Vduri Scrunch Thong Bikini type!


The easygoing earth goddess who walks among you is happy to roll with whatever—so long as she’s not missing any music festivals. She’s seriously considering opening a coconut stand on the beach and never going back home. For her it’s all about the cute Cheeky Vahana Bikini!


She’s single and ready to mingle, so why shouldn’t her swimwear say as much? There are worse places to meet someone than paradise. So play on at the playa, player. Bring on those summer nights…and the sexy minimal coverage Vanish and Vixen Micro Bikinis.


This is the friend who fills half her suitcase with novels and on her phone in her down time looking for travel deals. You rely on her to plot out the itinerary, read a map, converse with the concierge in his native tongue and generally get things handled. We think this friend is perfect for the Vamp Thong Bikini!

Okay ladies so go have an amazing time this summer! And a special thanks to my friend Christina for helping with model selection!

Above: Model on left wearing a Ivory Piqué Vidora Thong and model on right wearing a White Vidora Thong

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bikinis even tinier next year

bikinis even tiner next year

Bikinis even tinier next year –

Ever since the dawn of swimwear, it seems that the itsy bitsy bikini trend has only become more popular, with bikini bottoms today barely providing enough cloth to conceal our increasingly ample assets.

Thong bikinis and other skimpy cut bottoms are showing no sign of leaving the fashion scene and about to get even tinier! So exactly why are these tiny garments so popular, and how can you make sure you look fabulous in swimwear, no matter what your body type? Here’s a couple tips!

Why Are Bikini Bottoms Getting So Small?

The two-piece bikini has always been a controversial choice of clothing – essentially not very different from underwear in appearance, and yet wholly different in terms of how society views them.

For many girls, a bikini (or three) is a must-have essential in packing for a vacation. If you’ve been swimsuit shopping at all in the past couple of years, you may well have noticed the increasingly tiny appearance of bikini briefs. “How much of my butt is going to be showing?” I hear you ask, and the answer is: a lot!

Bikini bottoms have gotten small and smaller as a result of just about all fashion trends these days – in fact, of any era. A few years ago, you’d likely see vintage 60s-inspired swimsuits on the beach, with high-waisted, polka dot numbers and chic mesh panels – for that modest, ‘less is more’ look that until quite recently dominated the swimwear scene.

These days, the internet is full of images of perfect, cellulite-free, smooth and tanned butts (just look at the Instagram accounts of any Victoria’s Secret model). The butt has become the focal point of female sexuality when it comes to online selfies. Far from the days of the rake-thin 90s model, the image of the slim waist and round, shapely butt seem set to define the twenty-tens era, with fitness fanatics, models and socialites all flaunting their rotund rears as often as possible.

With so much emphasis on our butts, it seems logical that the bikini industry would start to change, and indeed they have. Brazilian bikinis, which feature considerably less fabric than previous designs, are now even more triangular in shape, emphasizing the butt and creating a more exaggerated pear-shape when viewed from behind.

How to Make Your Butt Look Great in A Tiny Bikini

While it’s great for all those Victoria’s Secret Models, this new bikini trend can leave some of us girls feeling a little self-conscious – am I right? If you want to look amazing this summer, and feel your best in an on-trend bikini, here are our top tips for getting the perfect bikini-ready butt, in time for the beach:

  • Eat well – a healthy, balanced diet will help make your body look and feel its best. Lots of fruit and veggies, high protein foods such as fish, nuts, eggs and low fat dairy, as well as plenty of water will keep your skin clear and fresh – and your butt will thank you for it!
  • Perform butt-enhancing exercises: simple exercises like squats and box jumps will help tone and firm your behind. General cardio and weights will help you lose overall weight: go on long walks, jogs or bike rides if you’re not a gym bunny.
  • Pamper your butt: use products, specifically designed for cleansing, smoothing and plumping your behind to give you that ideal summer-ready rear.

With small bikinis going nowhere and getting even tinier this summer, there will be butts of all sizes on display on beaches everywhere. However big or small your behind, we’re sure you’ll look sexy and fabulous all summer long.

Above: Model in a Tie Side Vixen Micro Bikini – Ivory Piqué Fabric

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fall bikini staycation

green micro bikini

Fall bikini staycation –

Hey babes, Ericka here. I know summer is obviously gone, but that doesn’t mean that we have to ditch our bikinis. If you haven’t seen my latest Instagram post of how to style a bathing suit for fall, you better check it out. But I am actually here to talk to about local staycations that are bikini-friendly for fall. That’s right, we are talking hot tubs and spa trips near us.

Let’s get into it.

First Up: The Budget Friendly Getaway.

This is perfect for if you are looking for a 1-2 day escape from your daily life and you just want to relax without breaking the bank. Go downtown, stay in a cute hotel with a hot tub and stay for a night or two and just spend the day outdoors, shopping, or even in bed!

Mini Desert Trip 

I actually went to the desert for some relaxation with my friends and I was blown away by how EMPTY and CLEAN it was! It was actually perfect because I just wanted to go to disconnect and not be around a bunch of people so it all worked out. We stayed at a really fun place and they even upgraded us to a suite with a kitchen and Jacuzzi (bonus!). We spent a day getting facials and massages. Then in the evening, we went down to the hot tub and I of course wore my Vanish Micro Bikini!

The Splurge

Okay, as we know there are so many Hotels and Resorts in my area of Southern California. I prefer to stay walking distance to the beach because as many of us locals know October and November can be some our most beautiful days! A luxury resort by the beach with an ocean view and all the amenities is a must. They even have retreats if you are looking to really treat yourself. When I decide to take the plunge and go to one of these luxury locations, I will for sure be wearing my Vduri Scrunch Thong Bikini to the pools.

Of course, when traveling anywhere during these times ensure that you do your research!! I would even call the hotel/spa/etc, to hear their new protocols just to be safe.

Make sure you tag us on our instagram @nvrstrings when you take one of our suits on your getaway so we can re-post! I love seeing you guys rock your minimal coverage bikinis.

Stay safe and healthy, Ericka

Above: model wearing a Mint Green Tie Side Micro Bikini

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be cheeky

cheeky bikinis

Be cheeky –

Make your booty look more flattering with just one easy fix. Get yourself a Cheeky, Thong, Tie Side String, Micro G-String or Brazilian style bottom. These styles are flying off the shelves like never before in America and all over the world. Even the Huffington Post agrees in their article, “Why The Itsy Bitsy Bikini Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.” This is clearly not just becoming a trend that will fade next summer – this bikini bottom style is forever staying around and this is why. It works for all body types – whether you have a small, large, or nonexistent butt – this cut compliments every booty.

Differences –

Full Coverage Bottom: This type of bottom tends to flatten your behind, and does not enhance the natural curves that a butt has. It also usually bags up right between your cheeks and can make it look as though you have given yourself a wedgie – not so cute!!

Moderate Coverage Bottom: This type of bottom usually hugs your butt cheeks just right, lifting them and keeping your booty firm and tight with every step you take. It is not only much more supportive than a full coverage bottom, but it accentuates the curves of your cheeks and the roundness of every bum with a heart – shaped cut.

Minimal Coverage: This style reveals it all! There’s no hiding that amazing derriere with nothing more than a string going between the cheeks! For those “less is best” ladies our Vanish and Vixen Bikinis were made just for you!

Once you try on just one cheeky bikini bottom, you will never want to go back to your full coverage bottoms. If you are not feeling confident enough to try minimal coverage bottoms, at least try some moderate coverage bottoms to show off a little bit more cheek – it makes such a difference! Moderate coverage bottoms are defined to be in between full coverage and minimal coverage. We have offered minimal coverage bikinis for over 20 years while other American swimwear companies traditionally only use to feature full coverage, however now Cheeky Bikini styles are selling much more than full coverage bottoms. So now it is most definitely time for you to make this summer bootyfull!

Above: Model wearing a High Cut Cheeky Thong  Varuna Bikini in Daisy Daze

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almost naked in a bikini

black micro bikini

Almost naked in a bikini –

It’s a commonly known fact that Vitamin D is sourced from the sun. It is also commonly known that when the sun is out, the buns too must also be out (#sunsoutbunsout). The Nvr Strings Bikinis investigative team dove deep into the archives of humanity to explain this well known modern practice. 

Since the earliest days of civilization, women have worn a small amount of clothing. The Ivory Venus, humanity’s earliest depiction of a woman found in Germany from over 35,000 years ago, is a super curvy babe with no clothes on at all. In fact, the ivory sculpture implies that the civilizations of that time had a mind much like ours today, a very important discovery. This suggests that being in little to no clothing at all is a natural way to be in human society. 

We can see evidence of near-nakedness being a perfectly harmless norm when we study living tribal cultures that still exist and practice their ancient traditions today. Just as ancient and traditional medicine, spirituality, and sustainability are being tapped into and replicated in our modern society, so too must we copy and change the way we clad ourselves; aye it must be scantily.

In order for our bodies to fully absorb the Vitamin D we need, our body’s largest organ, our skin, must spend time out in the sun. Let us not waste a single drop of sunshine on sleeves and collars and belts with metal pieces. Let us instead, wear extremely breathable luxury fabric that hugs and accentuates our curves and covers only the necessary so as not to be fined by local law enforcement. 

Let us feel as close to our most natural state as possible, let us be stylish and sultry in ethically made pieces of art! Let us be under the sun, happy, healthy, and almost naked in a bikini!

Above: Model wearing a Vixen Tie Side Black Piqué Sheer Micro Bikini