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australians love bikinis

australians love bikinis

Being half-Australian, I am often exposed to the stereotypes of Australia as a nation of pro-surfers, expert barbecuers and crocodile wrestlers. While there might be some misconceptions about Australia, aka ‘OZ’ or to the locals just ‘Straya’, a land of natural beauty and lackadaisical abbreviation, it is also a nation of innovators; think less the plastic wine cask and more ‘The Body’ that is Elle Macpherson.

Blessed with a famous coastline of beaches and sun-worshipers, Australians love bikinis! Australia has been at the forefront of swimwear development. Turning what is essentially underwear into outerwear, the evolution of the modern day swimsuit tells an interesting story about the changing perceptions of the female body; it expresses the zeitgeist.

In the past century, swimwear has transformed from its prudish beginning as neck-to-knees weighty pantaloons, to the variety of next-to-nothing styles we see today – like our Vanish and Vixen micro bikinis!

It was Australia’s original ‘Million Dollar Mermaid Annette Kellerman who caused a splash, quite literally, by sporting a one-piece, tight-fitting, bathing suit on public beaches in the early 1900s. Swimming was a therapeutic escape for Kellerman; she broke down the restraints of a society that forced women to wear cumbersome outfits that prevented movement. By her early twenties Kellerman was a world-class swimmer, beating dozens of men. She felt it was necessary to set women free to really swim, using her status to design a range of fitted swimsuits named ‘Kellerman’s’ long before celebrities leveraged their fame to sell clothes. A free-spirited and modern woman, for whom swimming was a metaphor for female emancipation, Kellerman liberated women from incarcerating outfits and began a revolution of streamlined, one-piece costumes.

Not only do Australians love bikinis, but it also seems to produce women who look really, really good them. Kellerman was labelled the ‘Perfect Women’ – apparently her physical measurements made her the closet embodiment of Venus de Milo – while Elle Macpherson is famously nicknamed ‘The Body’. Perhaps it is just that great genes are circulating Down Under, but the intrinsic beach culture may also have something to to do with it.

Nvr Strings Bikinis is the go to for the fashion conscious of today, Nvr Strings has also been very open to initiating changes in style. Interestingly, high levels of exposure seems to be growing; pushing the boundaries to their limit, women feel free to choose subtlety on their own accord. For example, our Vduri high cut bottom two-piece is currently trending.

Maybe its because of their distance from the rest of the world, or because of their fairly recent history, but the Australians seem less bound by tradition and are ready to challenge the status quo; this is evident in the evolution of swimwear. Their liberal, sun-drenched approach to dressing is as quintessentially Aussie as their laid-back attitude to life.

Above: Aussie model Rebecca wearing a Vanish Micro Bikini in Gypsy
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summer road trips

summer road trips

Oh summer, you always fly by so fast! Your long days are already getting shorter. So we better get a move on those summer plans!

With Labor Day around the corner, make the most of a three-day weekend and go exploring outdoors. Need some inspiration? You are in luck as we have you covered (literally!) with our top five summer road trips

#1 The Outer Banks, North Carolina:  Hop in the car, and head to the Outer Banks, a 200 mile long barrier island that sits off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. With ocean on one side and the Pamlico Sound on the other, the sun rises and sets on the water. Be sure to pack all of your outdoor gear, as the Outer Banks offers something for every outdoor enthusiast, fishing, hang gliding, world class surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing, SUP boarding, jet skiing, boating, kayaking, biking, or just relaxing on the beach in your Nvr Strings Bikini!

#2 Rock Climb + Hike + Mountain Bike Shawangunks, NY: Drive two hours north of the city, and you will find an awesome outdoor playground. You can rock climb, hike, mountain or road bike, kayak, fish, and even swim in a waterfall. To top off all the outdoor activities, Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time of year for fresh fruits and vegetables. Before you head back to the concrete jungle, be sure to stop at one of the roadside farm stands to stock up.

#3 Hike Lost Coast Trail at Kings Range in Northern California: OK, this is not a simple road trip.  It’s a multi-day 50-mile (round-trip) hike along northern California’s coastline. If you want to do the hike only one way, there is a scenic 2.5-hour drive to take you back to your starting point. Lost Coast Trails is top rated, and one of California’s best-kept secrets. And when you finish the hike, drive and explore the magnificent California coastline and forest.

#4 Stand Up Paddle at Spray Lakes, Canada: Head up north (up real north) and explore some of the most beautiful lakes in Canada:  Spray Lakes. Located 50 minutes outside of Calgary, Alberta, the lakes provides stunning views, are quiet, and absolutely serene. Activities include SUPing, hiking, golfing or even biking to Banff on back country trails! And for our wander lusting located in the US, we promise you will not be disappointed – hop on a plane to Calgary and take advantage of that three-day weekend!

#5 Surf in Canggu, Bali:  Do you have some extra vacation time and really want to get out there? Instead of road tripping in a car, how about road tripping on a scooter in Bali?  Book tickets now, hop on a plane, and travel to one of the most beautiful tropical destinations. Canggu is known for its awesome surf available – for both beginner and advanced surfers – and has perfect warm water so you can rock your Nvr Strings Bikini!

Above: Kloee Openshaw in a Marine Varuna high cut Cheeky Bikini

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bikini influencers

bikini influencers

Today it’s commonplace for top bikini influencers to earn $5,000 per Instagram post, get free trips around the world and even be gifted new bikinis every week, but the market is changing, and industry insiders think a lot of this easy money will be gone in 2020.

Today, having millions of followers is no longer that unique, but the number of companies who can afford to offer long-term collaborations with these influencers are decreasing. What happens when companies can’t afford these collaborations anymore? What happens when the influencer outgrows the brand they used to support?

Influencers delete their posts by the end of the day, or they post about another brand the very next day, diluting the effectiveness of previous campaigns, or the engagement was terrible. If someone has 5 million followers and only gets 1,000 likes on a picture, that’s not a very compelling result, and brands won’t really see it as a success.

Anyone can gain a massive following by posting pictures of their half naked body in a tiny expensive bikini, when in reality they likely bought the bikini, and they can barely pay their rent.

Here we are again: influencers, and how the landscape is changing. Superstar influencers are getting so out of touch with their crazy lifestyles that people just aren’t truly engaged with them anymore. The truth is, if there isn’t an honest and loveable personal brand behind their feed, it simply isn’t sustainable. If it’s always about me, me, me, people will unfollow.

We are and always will be about having simple, fun, and beautiful local girls to model for our brand as well as actual customers to promote our bikinis. A special thanks to all of those amazing women – past, present and future!

Above: Customer wearing our fitted Vamp thong bikini in Salmon

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mismatched bikinis

Mismatched Bikinis

Coordinating, matching patterns, colors, and fabrics is usually something we always try to do in our outfits. But there are times when it’s just fun to mix and match. The easiest time to pull off wearing non-coordinating clothing is in the summertime…on the beach…with bikinis.

Yep, bikinis. Mismatched bikinis

Wearing a mismatched bikini in the summer is totally okay! I know this is going to sound weird, but the mismatched bikini needs to “match.” They need to look like they unintentionally belong together. It’s like mixing two different patterns in one outfit. The two separate patterns need to match in some way; it could be the colors or fabrics. I often wear two entirely different patterns. They work well together because the colors coordinated, and they are of the same fabric. You have to look for cohesiveness somewhere.

Why is it okay to wear a mismatched?

So why is it okay to wear a mismatched bikini? Because when styled correctly a mismatched bikini can look pretty stylish.

If you want to tip your toe in the mixing and matching world, do as I did and wear two solid separates. Don’t start off with zigzag pattern bikini top and a polka dot bikini bottom. Start off slow and you’ll feel more comfortable strutting around in a mismatched bikini.

When is it okay to wear a mismatched bikini?

So when would you want to wear a mismatched bikini anyway? When you love a bikini top, that doesn’t have a matching bottom and vise versa.

If you already have a super cute top try matching it to one of our adorable bottoms. Or take a look through our entire site and put together a fun mismatched bikini!

When purchasing items, be conscious of the color of each. I know that white would match anything and if you find a solid bikini bottom it would make a very cute mismatched bikini.

So, if you find a top or bottom without its matching partner consider how you could match it with another bikini.

Have fun – clearly rules are made to be broken!

Above: Cameron in a Lilac Top and a Vamp Soulmate Thong Bottom

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summer body confidence

Summer Body Confidence

Who doesn’t love the extra long days, the feel of sunshine on our faces, fresh foods and perhaps even a chance of a holiday. All good things right?! But, among the joy there can be a LOT of challenges for those of us on this journey to body acceptance…Summer Body Confidence!

During summertime, we get extra bombarded with images of bikini-clad gals and ripped torsos guys. Diet talk goes EVEN MORE mental as people feel the pressure to drop a dress size, get ‘beach body ready’ and get rid of their ‘orange peel’ thighs.

We’re expected to throw off our clothes, frolic in the waves and reveal our skin to the world carefree, when inside we’re often feeling uncomfortable secretly wishing for Autumn when we can pull out the chunky knitwear again. Am I right?

Those feelings of being ‘too fat’ are down to the demons in your head making you feel awful about yourself. You can be happy at any size, seriously. And you can wear whatever makes you happy. Clothing is an expression of your personality and babe, if they’re making it in your size then damn straight you can wear it! Don’t let anyone make you feel less for wanting to be extra.

You have a right to eat whatever you want and enjoy yourself. This is VERY important to remember. You have the right to eat, the right to take up space and the right to enjoy yourself. Summer BBQs, overindulging on holidays are part of LIFE. You are allowed to partake in pleasure. I know that it’s super hard to let go of those fears that people are making judgements about what you’re eating – but f‘em. It’s none of their business.

Warm weather can be such a joy, but I know too well that there are a LOT of challenges too. Body confidence and body acceptance come over time. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re still at the start of your journey. Just keep going…

Above: Haylea in a Vidora Red Cheeky Thong Bikini

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tiny tan lines

tiny tan lines

Being a summer girl through and through has its perks. Yes, I confess I love all beautiful guilty things of life, but most of all I love spring and summer, and I basically live in a bikini four to six months a year. I live pretty close by the ocean so I use any excuse whatsoever to go to the seaside. Plus I’m very fortunate to have a pool close by. I also love fashion, which can have its downs because when it comes to swimwear trends I’m always torn. I love to feel comfortable, to tan, to wear thong style bikinis – the tinier the better –  I also love micro bikinis, especially the high waisted ones.

So you see my predicament. What do I do?

In reality I do nothing. For tiny tan lines I always wear string bikinis, I keep the bikini trends for social media. I believe it’s important to do your own thing! But I love to play with the strings – up, down, and again, up, and down – for boredom sake you know. And also cause of tiny tan lines.

Funny thing is as of this spring I’ve noticed a massive comeback to the 80’s high waisted thong (our Vidora), and the 70’s tiny front and back scrunch super high waisted string bikini style (our Vduri). Our tiny triangle bikini tops with the same adjustable super thin strings are always popular because of their simplicity. Mix and match them and for extra long legs pull the bottom bikini stings high on the hips.

At the end of the day when it comes to anything really do what makes you happy. And what makes you look good. It’s a great feeling though when the Gods of fashion and planets of style align and you’re on the same sartorial frequency.

Above: Remy in a Vidora Black High Waisted thong bikini

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spring time bikinis

spring time bikinis

YAY!! Its finally spring!!! My favorite time of year!! Right now in California it’s still really rainy and cold. But, usually this is the time of year where I can start to eat fruit with Tajin for every meal, drink margaritas, and basically live in my bikini. Fingers crossed it warms up and stops raining soon!

Raised in sunny Southern California, our designers divide their time between several beaches in places like Hawaii, Australia, California and Florida, but design and produce the swimwear in beautiful sunny San Diego. Driven to make beautiful and simplistic great fitting bikinis, they have a passion for life and a not so serious attitude that allows them to fulfill their dreams and have a lot of fun doing it.

Inspired by travel, but also more than that, the designers attribute their creations to their friends, family, and friends who are family, photographers, models, moms, artists and all businesswomen. So with the wind in your hair, sun on your face and sand in your toes, experience all that Nvr Strings Bikinis has to offer you this sunny swimsuit time of year. Please take some time and look through our site at the complete selection of our beautiful and simplistic quality bikinis. We ship worldwide and would love to help you select the perfect suit!

Above: Leila in a White Seamless Vallée High Cut Cheeky Thong Bikini


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the seamless bikini

seamless bikini

We all know seamless bikinis are everywhere in many styles, colors and prints. So the question is are seamless bikinis right for you? I mean who doesn’t love the soft and beautiful seamless look? So how does this bikini design measure up during beach, pool or lake activities. Such as surfing, volleyball, swimming or wake boarding? – Just to name a few!

Firstly, several years ago when we were the first to design and manufacture seamless swimwear, but there was very little interest. Since only a few hundred were sold, our idea of a seamless bikini design was put on hold. A couple of years ago we noticed a new Australian bikini brand knocked off our very much unique one of a kind design. Our team made the simple decision to launch our seamless design once again. We figured out how to add quality American made elastic to our seamless bikinis without compromising the character of the cut. Our seamless bikini has been a bigger success because of the fit and because it doesn’t stretch out – the Vallée!

All right back to the fit of this seamless beauty! So for the ladies out there that own seamless bikinis, you already know the truth. Seamless bikinis are not the best for activities and are viewed to be more of a fashion statement. The fabric tends to move, twist, slide and creep in ways that’s almost impossible to control, however some girls like this all over textured scrunch look. Honestly at first I was not fond of any seamless bikinis, but now I love the alternative look.

So if you’re looking for a fashion statement these bikinis may be a lovely fit for you. And for those active ladies that love surfing, volleyball and all around outdoor play, the double stitch bikini is still your best bet for reliability, comfort and fashion.

Above: Haylea in a Gypsy Seamless Vallée Thong Bikini

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bikinis for travel

bikinis for travel

So if you’re heading to a beach or a beautiful resort location for vacation or holiday the obvious number one thing you need is a gorgeous and sexy fun bikini! I usually like to travel with at least four different styles of bikinis so that I know I will always have the perfect bikini for the desired location and also so I have an extra dry one or two on hand.

One of our most popular styles is the Vahana. The Vahana is a stylish, cute and cheeky “wear anywhere” bikini for active women. So if you’re planning to go surfing, body boarding, kite surfing, or play beach volleyball this super cute and fun cheeky bikini is for you.

Now what’s great for resort locations is either our Viu thong cut one piece (monokini), or our Vallée seamless high cut cheeky thong bikini. The simplistic design of Vallée comes in simple classic sexy colors. Because both styles are sexy, simple, classy and exquisite, the designs perfect for high end resort locations. 

If your looking for a little less coverage bikini for tanning and Vegas pool play our Vamp fitted thong bikini, or our low in the front daring Vicuña cheeky bikinis are great choices. Also our new Vidora high cut seamless thong bikinis and Versant tie side thong bikinis are an excellent choice.

And for you less is best ladies our Vanish fitted micro g string or Vixen tie side micro g string bikinis are perfect for those far away private beach and resort locations. 

So wherever your travels take you Nvr Strings has the perfect bikini for you!

Above: Model wearing a Neon Orange Vamp Thong Bikini


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tie side thong bikini

tie side thong bikini

Our Tie Side Thong Bikini the “Versant” is extremely popular and a favorite choice for many reasons. First and foremost the fit is amazing. All of our Tie Side Thong Bikinis are designed to be worn high or low on the hips while bring attention to the derriere. Each tie side bikini bottom style actually suits a variety of body shapes, so you know you’ll be able to find the best style to accentuate your shape! Naturally the wonderful thing about all of our tie side bikinis is they are adjustable for that perfect comfortable fit.

We use soft and beautiful light weight performance fabrics and thread so when on it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Surfers love this classic bikini because not only does it stay on when surfing it looks super cute and sexy! 

Besides being great for beach and pool activities, most girls find our Tie Side Versant perfect bikini for tanning.

This is our most most popular bikini to mix and match so every few months we try to release a few new colors and prints. We promise to keep this beautiful Tie Side design in our line up of bikinis because of it’s timeless yet sexy look.

Above: Leila wearing an Eggplant and Santiago Versant Tie Side Thong Bikini