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summer time

summer time

When we think of summer time we think of the beach or the pool, but most importantly, we think “Bikini Season”! Some women freak out, while others can’t wait to throw on their favorite Bikini that they practically lived in the summer before. Just like summer, what you wear to your summer time festivities shouldn’t be complicated, but simple. Whether you fancy a cheeky style over a brazilian, a thong over a micro bikini, it stands to say that whatever you desire you should feel comfortable in.

For the past several years we have tried to make the process of selecting that perfect suit easy by creating styles that not only enhance a woman’s features, but also allows a woman to feel sexy while maintaining a level of comfort and style. We’ve created a lifestyle brand of suits that should empower a woman, bringing life into her soul while keeping fabrics and strings to a minimum; I mean, let’s be honest, who wants a mess of fabric bunching up or a bunch of long strings to figure out.

Over the course of time, women who’ve showed off their bodies where looked down upon and judged. They were constantly told what to wear and how to portray themselves. Women were expected to keep to themselves and be mindful of their thoughts and actions; but not anymore. No longer are women expected to stand in the shadows, but to stand tall and embrace all that they are; that not only do our minds have a voice, but what we do with our bodies is ours to manage. Gone are the days when we hide in shame because of somebody else’s opinion. There is no shame in loving the skin you are in.

So, as summer time approaches, go ahead and BE YOU! Be bold. Be Sexy. Be Empowered. We only have one life; why waste it on a bikini that doesn’t make us feel our best!

Above: Meg in a White and Daylily Vamp Thong Bikini

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the cheeky bikini

the cheeky bikini

It’s great to see how popular the Cheeky Bikini has become. We designed and put into production our first Cheeky Bikinis over fifteen years ago. When we first released our Cheeky Bikinis we received a hate letters from a very popular lingerie, swimwear and sporting goods company saying that our bikinis were an “insult to women”. Funny how things have changed in fifteen years – that same swimwear and sporting goods company now manufactures cheeky bikinis and smaller…glad to see they finally figured it out – and that popular lingerie company no longer manufactures bikinis.

The biggest reason the Cheeky Bikini became so popular is the empowerment of women – self confidence and the acceptance of all body types. What woman doesn’t look great when she’s feeling confident?

Also the popularity of the derriere is everywhere – just look at social media. We have always and will continue to put the focus on the derriere.

Besides our unique designs there are several things that separate us from other bikini companies. First and most importantly is we manufacture in the USA. Many companies claim they manufacture in the USA, but it’s just not true. Look closely at the current styles and you will see many swimwear and bikini companies have the exact same cut with the exact same colors and prints – sad. Several companies have labels with their logos made and then have companies sew their labels in to pre-made bikinis. Secondly we hand cut and hand sew each bikini. That’s the closest thing to a custom bikini as you can get. We also use light weight high performance fabrics, American made elastics and the strongest and softest thread available.

…we take great pride in each and every design and put love in to every product we make…

Above: Alexis in our Cheeky Vahana – Ananda print.

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photo shoot adventures

Bikini photo shoots

For over eighteen wonderful and amazing years we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of Bikini Models from every part of the world. Most of our bikini photo shoot adventures have been at fun locations such as luxury homes, beautiful private pools, castles, lakes, deserts in California and Nevada plus a multitude of beaches.

We all agree that the desert is our favorite for bikini photo shoot adventures. Probably because of it’s solitude and beautiful lighting. It gives us the opportunity to separate ourselves from the onlookers. There’s no doubt that a models level of creativity rises when she feels total comfort and freedom.

It’s almost impossible to describe the intensity and stress associated with scheduling and coordinating a photo shoot. Everything has to be perfect – bikinis, weather, models preparation, hair, make up, location availability, and most importantly the energy of the team.

Shortly after hair and make up are done the photo shoot begins. As the clicking of the camera starts things tend to lighten up a bit. Attention is now on the photographer and model connection. A great model needs very little direction – giving the photographer the opportunity to create a vision. Successful photo shoot adventures typically end with laughter, jubilation and a complete sense of accomplishment. A great creative team of photographers, make up artists, models and assistants is priceless.

Above: Leila takes a break after changing into one of our Vahana cheeky bikinis at the beautiful and peaceful Los Coyotes Reserve – 5981 feet above sea level.


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the micro bikini

the micro bikini

Do I dare to bare it all in a fun and tiny Micro Bikini – like our Vanish and Vixen – this is a question we hear quite often. Many girls are already feeling the empowerment of these tiny micro g string bikinis. Several places throughout the United States are already experiencing their popularity and you can often catch a glimpse of these minimal coverage bikinis on the beaches in South Florida, Hawaii and sunny Southern California. Tiny bikinis like micro bikinis are nothing new in several Countries all over the world like Spain, Brazil, Australia and Greece.

Our Vanish and Vixen Micro Bikinis were originally designed several years ago and each year we sell more and more as their popularity grows. The feedback we receive about these fun and sexy micro g string bikinis is awesome! Please keep the social media posts and pictures coming we love it and so do our followers! Thankfully this is the era of the booty. Cheeky bikinis are getting smaller and smaller and more than ever women are feeling secure about their bodies. Fitness and good health is a part of our everyday lifestyle.

So yeah girls you deserve to feel good about who you are and what you have accomplished…so why not go for it and try one of our Vanish or Vixen Micro G String Bikinis?!

…plus the tan lines are super cute…

Above: model wearing a Neon Yellow Vixen Tie Side Micro Bikini.



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first post – new website

first post

Well we finally did it! After 10 plus years we designed and launched a new website – the look is basically the same, but the function and the simplicity is much better. This is our first post with many more to follow – taking full advantage of this blog so we can share new designs, fabrics and even some fun behind the scenes from our photo shoots. We encourage customers and social media followers to send us your stories and photos.

Above: Nikki in our new Cheeky Vallée Thong bottom having fun in a one of a kind shirt we printed just for the shoot!