care instructions


Our bikinis are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and
if cared for properly, will provide repeated use. Our bikinis are similar to fine garments
and therefore, require care to preserve their exquisite appearance.

Please follow these Bikini Care Instructions

*Washing Instructions*
Nvr Stings Bikinis® must be hand washed separately in COLD water with a mild
soap that is formulated especially for fine lingerie or delicate and precious washables.
Gently hand washing NVR Strings bikinis in COLD water. If possible please use a *Guppyfriend washing bag.
Squeeze and rinse thoroughly. Dry flat separately away from direct sun or heat.

*Guppyfriend Washing Bags protect synthetic garments and they reduce the amount
of microfibers that may enter rivers and oceans from washing.

– Rarely on occasion fabric colors will bleed so we recommend separately prewashing and drying all bikinis –

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