nvr strings bikinis philosophy


Nvr Strings Swimwear® has taken women’s bikinis to a new dimension. With its body-accentuating cuts, superb quality and alluring styling,
Nvr Strings has established itself as a brand with serious sex appeal. Nvr Strings follows a simple design philosophy.
Using the natural contours of a woman’s body along with clean simple lines, Nvr Strings Swimwear conveys an ideal of sensual sophistication. Because of the quality of their lightweight performance fabrics, Nvr Strings Bikinis won’t shrink when hand washed and provides a level of comfort that’s become synonymous with the brand. As the forerunner in women’s bikinis, Nvr Strings has positioned itself as the brand that leads the trend with that certain edge and incredible fit.

Superb quality, alluring styling, and innovative marketing have been instrumental in positioning Nvr Strings as the brand with serious sex appeal.
Nvr Strings is always evolving and produces new bikini collections throughout the year, setting current trends and styles.