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photo shoot adventures

Bikini photo shoots

For over eighteen wonderful and amazing years we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of Bikini Models from every part of the world. Most of our bikini photo shoot adventures have been at fun locations such as luxury homes, beautiful private pools, castles, lakes, deserts in California and Nevada plus a multitude of beaches.

We all agree that the desert is our favorite for bikini photo shoot adventures. Probably because of it’s solitude and beautiful lighting. It gives us the opportunity to separate ourselves from the onlookers. There’s no doubt that a models level of creativity rises when she feels total comfort and freedom.

It’s almost impossible to describe the intensity and stress associated with scheduling and coordinating a photo shoot. Everything has to be perfect – bikinis, weather, models preparation, hair, make up, location availability, and most importantly the energy of the team.

Shortly after hair and make up are done the photo shoot begins. As the clicking of the camera starts things tend to lighten up a bit. Attention is now on the photographer and model connection. A great model needs very little direction – giving the photographer the opportunity to create a vision. Successful photo shoot adventures typically end with laughter, jubilation and a complete sense of accomplishment. A great creative team of photographers, make up artists, models and assistants is priceless.

Above: Leila takes a break after changing into one of our Vahana cheeky bikinis at the beautiful and peaceful Los Coyotes Reserve – 5981 feet above sea level.