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summer body confidence

Summer Body Confidence

Summer body confidence –

Who doesn’t love the extra long days, the feel of sunshine on our faces, fresh foods and perhaps even a chance of a holiday. All good things right?! But, among the joy there can be a LOT of challenges for those of us on this journey to body acceptance…Summer Body Confidence!

During summertime, we get extra bombarded with images of bikini-clad gals and ripped torsos guys. Diet talk goes EVEN MORE mental as people feel the pressure to drop a dress size, get ‘beach body ready’ and get rid of their ‘orange peel’ thighs.

We’re expected to throw off our clothes, frolic in the waves and reveal our skin to the world carefree, when inside we’re often feeling uncomfortable secretly wishing for Autumn when we can pull out the chunky knitwear again. Am I right?

Those feelings of being ‘too fat’ are down to the demons in your head making you feel awful about yourself. You can be happy at any size, seriously. And you can wear whatever makes you happy. Clothing is an expression of your personality and babe, if they’re making it in your size then damn straight you can wear it! Don’t let anyone make you feel less for wanting to be extra.

You have a right to eat whatever you want and enjoy yourself. This is VERY important to remember. You have the right to eat, the right to take up space and the right to enjoy yourself. Summer BBQs, overindulging on holidays are part of LIFE. You are allowed to partake in pleasure. I know that it’s super hard to let go of those fears that people are making judgements about what you’re eating – but f‘em. It’s none of their business.

Warm weather can be such a joy, but I know too well that there are a LOT of challenges too. Body confidence and body acceptance come over time. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re still at the start of your journey. Just keep going…

Above: Haylea in a Vidora Red Cheeky Thong Bikini