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summer time

summer time

Summer time –

When we think of summer time we think of the beach or the pool, but most importantly, we think “Bikini Season”! Some women freak out, while others can’t wait to throw on their favorite Bikini that they practically lived in the summer before. Just like summer, what you wear to your summer time festivities shouldn’t be complicated, but simple. Whether you fancy a cheeky style over a brazilian, a thong over a micro bikini, it stands to say that whatever you desire you should feel comfortable in.

For the past several years we have tried to make the process of selecting that perfect suit easy by creating styles that not only enhance a woman’s features, but also allows a woman to feel sexy while maintaining a level of comfort and style. We’ve created a lifestyle brand of suits that should empower a woman, bringing life into her soul while keeping fabrics and strings to a minimum; I mean, let’s be honest, who wants a mess of fabric bunching up or a bunch of long strings to figure out.

Over the course of time, women who’ve showed off their bodies where looked down upon and judged. They were constantly told what to wear and how to portray themselves. Women were expected to keep to themselves and be mindful of their thoughts and actions; but not anymore. No longer are women expected to stand in the shadows, but to stand tall and embrace all that they are; that not only do our minds have a voice, but what we do with our bodies is ours to manage. Gone are the days when we hide in shame because of somebody else’s opinion. There is no shame in loving the skin you are in.

So, as summer time approaches, go ahead and BE YOU! Be bold. Be Sexy. Be Empowered. We only have one life; why waste it on a bikini that doesn’t make us feel our best!

Above: Meg in a White and Daylily Vamp Thong Bikini