the cheeky bikini

the cheeky bikini

It’s great to see how popular the Cheeky Bikini has become. We designed and put into production our first Cheeky Bikinis over ten years ago. When we first released our Cheeky Bikinis we received a hate letter from a very popular swimwear and sporting goods company saying that our bikinis were an “insult to women”. Funny how things have changed in ten years – that same company now manufactures cheeky bikinis and smaller…glad to see they finally figured it out.

The biggest reason the Cheeky Bikini became so popular is the empowerment of women. Self confidence and the acceptance of all body types. What woman doesn’t look great when she’s feeling confident?

Also the popularity of the derriere is everywhere – just look at social media. We have always and will continue to put the focus on the derriere.

Besides our unique designs there are several things that separate us from other bikini companies. First and most importantly is we manufacture in the USA. Many companies claim they manufacture in the USA but it’s just not true. Look closely and you will see many swimwear companies have the exact same cut with the exact same colors and prints. Several companies have labels with their logos made and then have companies sew their labels in to the bikinis. Secondly we hand cut and hand sew each sew. That’s the closest thing to a custom suit as you can get. We also use light weight high performance fabrics, American made elastics and the best and softest thread available.

…we take pride and but love in to every product we make…