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the seamless bikini

seamless bikini

We all know seamless bikinis are everywhere in many styles, colors and prints. So the question is are seamless bikinis right for you? I mean who doesn’t love the soft and beautiful seamless look? So how does this bikini design measure up during beach, pool or lake activities. Such as surfing, volleyball, swimming or wake boarding? – Just to name a few!

Firstly, several years ago when we were the first to design and manufacture seamless swimwear, but there was very little interest. Since only a few hundred were sold, our idea of a seamless bikini design was put on hold. A couple of years ago we noticed a new Australian bikini brand knocked off our very much unique one of a kind design. Our team made the simple decision to launch our seamless design once again. We figured out how to add quality American made elastic to our seamless bikinis without compromising the character of the cut. Our seamless bikini has been a bigger success because of the fit and because it doesn’t stretch out – the Vallée!

All right back to the fit of this seamless beauty! So for the ladies out there that own seamless bikinis, you already know the truth. Seamless bikinis are not the best for activities and are viewed to be more of a fashion statement. The fabric tends to move, twist, slide and creep in ways that’s almost impossible to control, however some girls like this all over textured scrunch look. Honestly at first I was not fond of any seamless bikinis, but now I love the alternative look.

So if you’re looking for a fashion statement these bikinis may be a lovely fit for you. And for those active ladies that love surfing, volleyball and all around outdoor play, the double stitch bikini is still your best bet for reliability, comfort and fashion.

Above: Haylea in a Gypsy Seamless Vallée Thong Bikini