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thong bikinis self isolation

thong bikinis self isolation

Thong Bikinis Self Isolation!

It seems as if I have heard the word “Coronavirus” more times than I’ve heard my own name been said to me throughout my whole lifetime. This is a serious time, where we as individuals must look after our health in every aspect. Of course, there are the obvious precautions that have been drilled into our heads, but what is also extremely important is your mental & physical health!

Here are some suggestions…

Stick to a routine

If you are anything like me, then structure is extremely important, do not let this shelter-in-place let your home life become complete Anarchy. Wake up at a reasonable hour, maintain your morning skincare routine, enjoy some coffee, be productive in your own way! Make up a routine suiting your “new” life that is healthy.

Stay active

Clear out a tiny area in your living space and finish an online workout class, your body and your mind will thank you. Us NVR bikini girls always focus on our booties and luckily you do not need any equipment to SQUAT, SQUAT & SQUAT SOME MORE! If you are able to, go outside for a brisk walk and get some fresh air.

Eating balanced

While everyone is frantically stockpiling toilet paper, rice and pasta- opt for fresh produce, meats & fish. If you are worried about grocery shopping frequently, buy plenty and simply freeze items for later use. With no outside temptations, I believe it is so much easier to eat balanced while cooking at home. Listen to your body though, if it is telling you to eat that chocolate or drink that glass of wine, you enjoy it!


If you have a front-yard, backyard, balcony, or even a little patch of sun in your living room peeking through your window grab your swimsuit and bask! My current favorite is the Vallée cut, and guess what they are on sale! (you’re welcome in advance) Another style that I adore is the Vidora. It makes you feel like a timeless woman and gives you that higher cut tan-line reminiscent of the 80’s. Last but not least, Vduri, which I actually bought in every color, gives you the versatile scrunching option to be a complete minimal lady or a little more on the modest side. In no time we will rejoice in the ocean in our NVR bikinis, and what a beautiful day it will be!

Above: Model wearing a Ocean Blue Vidora Thong Bikini