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tiny tan lines

tiny tan lines

Tiny tan lines –

Being a summer girl through and through has its perks. Yes, I confess I love all beautiful guilty things of life, but most of all I love spring and summer, and I basically live in a bikini four to six months a year. I live pretty close by the ocean so I use any excuse whatsoever to go to the seaside. Plus I’m very fortunate to have a pool close by. I also love fashion, which can have its downs because when it comes to swimwear trends I’m always torn. I love to feel comfortable, to tan, to wear thong style bikinis – the tinier the better –  I also love micro bikinis, especially the high waisted ones.

So you see my predicament. What do I do?

In reality I do nothing. For tiny tan lines I always wear string bikinis, I keep the bikini trends for social media. I believe it’s important to do your own thing! But I love to play with the strings – up, down, and again, up, and down – for boredom sake you know. And also cause of tiny tan lines.

Funny thing is as of this spring I’ve noticed a massive comeback to the 80’s high waisted thong (our Vidora), and the 70’s tiny front and back scrunch super high waisted string bikini style (our Vduri). Our tiny triangle bikini tops with the same adjustable super thin strings are always popular because of their simplicity. Mix and match them and for extra long legs pull the bottom bikini stings high on the hips.

At the end of the day when it comes to anything really do what makes you happy. And what makes you look good. It’s a great feeling though when the Gods of fashion and planets of style align and you’re on the same sartorial frequency.

Above: Remy in a Vidora Black High Waisted thong bikini