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trade snow for bikinis

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It’s the time to trade snow for bikinis! You deserve to celebrate the holidays a little differently this year. Your days of shoveling snow are to be rewarded with tanning, surfing, swimming and satisfying cocktails. That’s why we’re unpacking some of our favorite destinations that are proficient in Vitamin D and beach side bliss. Replace your beanie with a sun hat and swap your snowsuit for a Nvr Strings swimsuit.


One doesn’t have to go far to find their beach. Miami beaches are perfect for our Vixen and Vanish micro bikinis! Florida is home to the bustling metropolis of Miami, a place where a wide variety of travelers can find just what they’re looking for when they aren’t in search of snow. Miami is home to the vibrant nightlife of South Beach, the Art Deco District and Little Havana, making this an ideal vacation for a group of friends. It offers an assortment of fine Cuban cuisine, well-curated museums and access to hidden gems along the coastline. Miami is chock-full of things to do, so what are you waiting for?


This Caribbean island is perfect for escaping cold winters and heading to a destination where rainfall is rare, making it the ideal vacation spot all year long. The beaches are crystal clear with soft sand and perfect for our complete selection of Minimal Coverage Bikinis! But when you’re not in the mood to beach bum it up, venture deep into Aruba for a thrilling day spent soaking up all the culture. Deemed as a sleepy little island, Aruba actually has much to offer all year round. From the first Bonbini to the wave goodbye, you can experience culinary delights, wild hiking trails, hidden pools and perfect weather. And if you haven’t been before, you’re sure to return for more. Aruba prides itself on having more repeat visitors than any other Caribbean Island.

Waikiki Beach

Aloha! Located on the south shore of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach known in Hawaiian as “spouting waters!” Waikiki has become notoriously known for its gorgeous beaches, world-class shopping and endless entertainment. If you’re in the hunt for adventure, try something new when you ride the waves during a surf lesson. With surf culture being a staple in the Waikiki community, you can read tidbits of Waikiki history jotted down on the surfboards along the Waikiki Beach Trail. When you’ve outgrown the wet suit, Waikiki will be ready to show you all it has to offer from delectable restaurants, high-end shopping and a sunset that you can’t get anywhere else.


The Bahamas is your playground for maritime adventure. From San Salvador and Rum Cay to The Exumas and The Abacos, the Bahamas offers 700 subtropical islands that will let your summer live on forever. There is so much more beyond secluded resorts and beachside cabanas. The country’s capital, Nassau, offers a diverse marketplace filled with cultural trinkets and treasures, a haven for the bargain shopper. For the history buff, there’s much to discover from the ruins and artifacts left behind from the colonial era and indigenous peoples such as the Lucayan and Arawak Indians on San Salvador and Cat Island. Voted as One of the Best Winter Vacations, you’re going to want to put your Nvr Strings Bikinis to good use here. Filled with friendly and humorous people, johnnycakes and the Junkanoo festivals, there is much to do during your time in the Bahamas.

Punta Cana

It’s the magical place where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. As one of the Caribbean region’s longest white sand coastlines, Punta Cana has been the sanctuary for blissful beach days and winter getaways. The town is nestled in the Dominican Republic, offering fabulous resorts, boutique hideaways and crystal-clear water accompanied by soft, luxurious sand. As one of the most diverse Caribbean countries, the Dominican offers cactus-lined landscape, fishing villages, unique foods and the highest peak in the region, Pico Duarte. Made for sun-seeking vacationers, beach bumming and Bachata, you’re not going to want to miss out on these glorious Caribbean treasures and attractions.

So put away those heavy winter clothes and pack up your Nvr Strings Bikinis and try at least one of these amazing destinations!

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