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underboob bikini tops

underboob bikini tops

Underboob Bikini Tops?!

Forget the thigh gap, the thighbrow, the side boob — right now, it’s all about the underboob, the crease right below your breast. Yes, it’s risqué – but whether you’re large-breasted or part of the itty-bitty committee, everyone can participate in this trend, unlike the infamous thigh gap.

So – what to do with this trend in the autumn? Cozy it up at home with a pair of leggings and an open flannel, or try it out in the streets in an ultra-cropped, long-sleeve top and high-rise jeans.

We’re not sure what triggered this trend, but this is nothing new to us and our faithful bikini lovers. We have been designing our tops, “tri-tops” for exactly this – and for many years now. Our tri-top is an even sided top that allows you to slide the top up exposing the desired amount of underboob, while keeping an sexy symmetrical shape to the fabric. In reality, you probably first caught a glimpse of this trend last year.

But if you don’t believe this look is catching on, just take a peek at social media and “celebrities”.

The less clothing the better. Let people flaunt whatever it is they got. Everyone’s too uptight about what everyone else looks like nowadays.

If you’re not on board with this fun and sexy trend, that’s totally okay. It requires a whole lot of guts and being comfortable with basically no bra at all … and perhaps the occasional nip-slip.

Above: Elise wearing our VoiléBrazilian Thong Bikini in White